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Sacramento Drain Clog & Sewer Stoppage Cleaning Services

What is the most common indicator that you need Sacramento drain clog cleaning services? In most cases, you will notice poor drainage in the affected fixture. Whether your shower is taking too long to drain, or you notice that your kitchen sink is backing up without an obvious cause, it is time to call California Plumbing Service.

Our sewer stoppage cleaning services in Sacramento CA are quick and responsive, allowing you to return to your everyday life with better plumbing operations as soon as possible. You deserve Sacramento drain cleaning services from a team that gets the job done right — you need California Plumbing Service.

How to know you need Sacramento drain clog cleaning services

Although slow drainage is one of the most obvious signs of a clog, you may experience other side effects that indicate the need for sewer stoppage cleaning services in Sacramento CA. In the most severe cases, untreated clogs can cause filthy used water to flow back up into your sink, shower or toilet, causing more extensive damage.

Avoid these consequences by seeking drain clog cleaning services in Sacramento CA when you notice:

  • Dirty water coming from taps or remaining in sinks and other fixtures
  • Bad odors, which are generally caused by dry pipes that do not have any moisture inside to absorb the unpleasant smells
  • Or, leaks under your sinks or in other areas, which could indicate a pressure buildup in your pipes.

Failing to treat a clog with Sacramento sewer stoppage cleaning services can lead to serious consequences, including sickened family members who have been affected by dirty water. Even those with asthma can suffer serious side effects because of clogs that have broken up and irritated the lungs. When you suspect a clog, it is time to quickly contact California Plumbing Service for our drain cleaning services in Sacramento CA.

We are proud to offer thorough, reliable Sacramento drain clog cleaning services. Contact our team today to learn more.