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Sacramento New Plumbing Installation Service

For an extremely efficient method of cleaning your sewer lines, call California Plumbing Service for our Sacramento hydro jetting services. Whether you’re in a residential home or a commercial kitchen, we can get any drain unclogged using this fast, safe method. Instead of spending money on useless or dangerous chemicals, call our Sacramento drain cleaning plumbing services.

Why drains are so easily clogged

In a kitchen, especially in the garbage disposal, all manner of items find their way into the sewer line. From cooking grease to large food pieces, drains easily become stopped up. The best thing about our hydro jetting services in Sacramento CA is that it works on them all.

How our hydro jetting service in Sacramento CA works

What makes this method of drain cleaning so efficient is that it uses a small volume of water at a high pressure. Depending on the severity of the clog, and the type of plumbing, the amount of water used in our Sacramento hydro jetting services is up to 18 gallons while it is pressurized up to 4000 PSI.

Essentially, these Sacramento drain cleaning services push the clog out of the pipe, freeing up the water flow. Also, is works to remove any build up of grime or grease from the pipe walls.

Other methods of Sacramento drain cleaning plumbing services

There are times when the hydro jetting method isn’t appropriate or effective. That’s why we offer complete plumbing services in Sacramento CA. Another method used to remove stubborn clogs is to use a piping “snake” to go into the pipe and pull the clog out. While this is effective, it can be harsh on the piping walls.

To find out more information about our Sacramento hydro jetting services, or to schedule an appointment, give California Plumbing Service a call today. We will find the right solution to get your water flowing freely in no time.